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Hope Restoration's Youth Ministry is a group of talented young adults on fire for Christ who gather to fellowship, worship, evangelize, minister and discuss topics that impact their age group using the word of God (bible) as their foundation and the Holy Spirit as their guide. We welcome all youth to join us in seeking, serving and finding satisfaction in God.

January 28.2022

April 29.2022

October 28.2022


PTL (Praise The Lord) is a quarterly nondenominational event hosted by the youth ministry to offer God praises in many forms including music, dance, poetry, drama, and more. The event also includes fellowship activities and games with prizes!

Please save the date for our 2022 events.

- Tuesday, January 11 - Community Night

- Friday, January 28 - PTL Night

- Tuesday, April 12 - Community Night 

- Friday, April 29 - PTL Night

- Friday, August 19 - Night Vigil 

- Tuesday, October 11 - Community Night

- Friday, October 28 - PTL Night

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